Integrated Diabetes Clinical Decision Support + Optimized Care Plan Platform

Written by Paul Lasiuk, CEO/Founder of Healthy Interactions

Necessity is the mother of invention…”

A few months ago I was chatting with the CEO of one of our health system customers using the Healthy Interactions diabetes patient education platform. 

“Paul, we are thrilled with the results of the diabetes program.  Our patients with diabetes are more engaged with significantly better outcomes.  We have improved at-risk contracts performance and improved quality measures.  My challenge is, how do we get more patients enrolled into the programs?  How do we fill the funnel to the top?”

While thrilled to hear about the impact, filling the funnel became our necessity requiring a solution. The answer: Clinical Decision Support, using evidence-based rules to more efficiently evidence-based help providers diagnose patients with diabetes, at every transition of care point.

Healthy Interactions dove into the CDS space. Our goal was to license the most stable, most flexible CDS platform, with the best user interface, already proven to integrate into workflows and into EMRs. We found MedCurrent and licensed their CDS platform.

Healthy Interactions is developing very detailed diabetes CDS rules to efficiently identify and help diagnose patients with diabetes. We took it further. Healthy interactions' diabetes CDS platform also initiates an automated optimized care plan, per patient. The optimized care plan includes:

i) Perfectly matched patient education based upon the transition of care
ii) Automatically digitally connecting the patient with the appropriate care team member
iii) Providing a Rx recommendation and linking with the EMR e-prescribing
iv) Recommending and scheduling all tests and procedure for the next 12 months based upon the appropriate care plan
v) Initiating robust analytics tracking patient behaviors, impact, and PCP CDS rules compliance

This integrated diabetes CDS model AND automated optimized care plan is a tremendous leap forward, not just in filling the funnel, but also in advancing standards of patient care while dramatically simplifying and enhancing provider workflows. Healthy Interactions’ integrated CDS platform inventionis addressing the chronic patient care necessities with a growing number of health systems and pharmaceutical companies.

We are happy to talk about your chronic patient necessities and our inventive solutions.