Deep EHR Integration – Minimal Clicks

MedCurrent endorses deep EHR integration to leverage existing information in the patient’s chart to drive the CDS workflow and support the ordering provider’s decision-making process. Our two-way integration ensures that data captured through CDS, including the authorization number, flow back into the EHR to eliminate duplicate order entry and support downstream workflows. We work closely with our customers and respective HCIT vendors to ensure the optimal integration and workflow solution to best suit your needs.


Integration Drives Optimal Ordering Workflow

OrderWise enables optimal ordering provider workflow through direct integration into your native EHR environment with two-way communication. With access to multiple discrete data fields from various parts of the patient chart, our platform ensures the best use of available data in the EHR to eliminate duplicate order entry and support procedure changes with no additional work effort.

Standards Based Integration - Integrated Health Enterprise (IHE)

MedCurrent is the only clinical decision support vendor to implement and attest to the Integrated Health Enterprise (IHE) Guideline Appropriate Tracking (GAO) integration profile. This standards-based methodology greatly enhances our deeply embedded, scalable integration to health system EHRs, community EMRs, and other Hospital Information Systems (HIS) in a repeatable process.

“The purpose of the GAO Profile is to support communication of decision support guidance on whether or not an order is appropriate from an EHR, hospital or departmental information systems, and enables receivers to validate that decision support was used to determine appropriateness according to guidelines.”

For more information, please visit Integrated Health Enterprise – Guideline Appropriate Tracking.


Value-Driven HCIT Integration

Based on a deep understanding of the clinical decision support role within the radiology and enterprise value chains, MedCurrent collaborates with our customers and HCIT vendors to generate additional value based on your business challenges. Integration examples include, but are not limited to:
•    Radiology (RIS, PACS) systems to inform downstream technologist and radiologist workflows
•    Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) and radiation dose monitoring software
•    Scheduling systems to improve access to care and drive operational efficiencies