MedCurrent's Mission

MedCurrent is a ten-year-old, innovative Clinical Decision Support (CDS) company focused on three core operating principles.  Everything we do must lead to:

  • Improved quality of care
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Lower system healthcare costs

We achieve this by:

  • Being the most advanced, user-friendly CDS mechanism
  • Being the most flexible provider … any appropriate use criteria, any specialty for each organization’s unique needs
  • Driving value-based care with elimination of inappropriate use of expensive healthcare resources
  • Exceeding best practice standards by positioning the highest quality evidence-based guidelines at the provider’s fingertips
  • Optimizing physician workflow for ease of use and user compliance through intelligent design and configurable integrations
  • Earning customer satisfaction through collaboration, evolution and proactive support

The Evolving Healthcare Landscape

The healthcare system is facing unprecedented change, and health system leaders are looking to understand and adapt to a dramatically different market environment moving forward. With a fundamental shift in focus from providing volume-based care toward value-based care (VBC), quality and appropriateness are moving to the forefront of priority. The shift towards VBC is accompanied by new and innovative reimbursement models, resulting in significant impact on health system operations and finances. Furthermore, legislative pressures and the rise in consumerism in the healthcare market represent additional complexity as health systems look to maintain a competitive and profitable market position.

As health systems shift towards VBC models of delivery and reimbursement, leaders are looking to address the well-documented overutilization of high-tech diagnostic procedures and tests to improve the quality of patient care, optimize operational efficiency, and effectively manage costs. With the expanding role of healthcare technology investment to enable the shift towards VBC and satisfy regulatory requirements, health system leaders are looking to MedCurrent for best-in-class clinical decision support (CDS) solutions.



An estimated 20-30% of CT scans are ordered inappropriately each year, as sited by a number of peer-reviewed sources. Use OrderWise to continue fostering evidence-based medicine at your organization, ensuring delivery of the right care to the right patient at the right time, every time.



High costs are associated with overutilization of expensive medical services, from advanced imaging to lab tests to specialized procedures. OrderWise facilitates the improvement of ordering appropriateness over time, thereby reducing long-term operating costs and eliminating waste of resources.



As healthcare takes a shift towards more value-based care, and increasing access to care, the incentive becomes to do better rather than doing more. Our full enterprise solution can be leveraged to define areas for clinical targets, track quality measures, and improve performance over time. Let OrderWise help you demonstrate your standards of excellence to optimize your organization’s value-based reimbursement.



Widespread initiatives are currently underway to ensure economic viability in value-based care, highlighting the importance of quality of care, reducing the cost of care, and improving the health of the population as a whole. With our comprehensive solution, continue driving the upward trend in ordering appropriateness, access tangible evidence of your compliance with clinical targets, and experience the translation of that success into health, utilization, and financial benefits for you and your valued patients.