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Press Releases

April 2023

EMRAD launches clinical decision support for radiology referrals across the East Midlands region

East Midlands Imaging Network (EMRAD) has launched the iRefer Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solution for radiology referrals across the region, in partnership with software provider MedCurrent. iRefer is the radiological investigation guidelines tool from The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). It synthesises evidence-based guidelines from UK and international sources and provides recommendations for the daily use of clinical imaging services.

December 2022

The East Midlands Imaging Network (EMRAD) launches Clinical Decision Support for Radiology Referrals across the East Midlands

The East Midlands Imaging Network (EMRAD) has launched a clinical decision support software solution called iRefer CDS for radiology referrals across the East Midlands in partnership with the software provider MedCurrent.


MedCurrent’s iRefer Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution is an initiative that improves the decision-making process of radiology referrers in real-time. It uses over 300 Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) iRefer guidelines to improve healthcare delivery by ensuring the selection of the most appropriate imaging. The guidance blends with general practitioners (GPs) and other healthcare professionals existing process to ensure minimal extra work to the referral process.

November 2022

NYGH Leading the Way on Using Digital Clinical Decision Support Tool to Individualize Patient Care

North York General Hospital (NYGH) is expanding the use of iRefer CDS, a customized digital solution created by Toronto based MedCurrent Corporation, that helps physicians make evidence-based decisions to ensure they are ordering the most appropriate MRI or CT scans for their patient’s condition. This is part of NYGH’s commitment to Choosing Wisely, an international program that focuses on improving quality and efficiency by reducing unnecessary tests and treatments. 


Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools, like iRefer CDS, quickly show referring physicians the best imaging options for their patients by using clinical information and data from the electronic medical record. NYGH was the first hospital in Canada to introduce such a tool for MRI and CT referrals made by physicians within NYGH for patients admitted to the hospital or undergoing treatment in the Emergency Department. 

September 2022

Clinical decision support can improve DI

Medical imaging is a cornerstone of patient care in Canada. Throughout healthcare, medical imaging procedures are relied upon to identify, diagnose, and treat disease. When requiring imaging it is imperative that patients are receiving the right test at the right time, providing the most relevant clinical value to the patient through their journey.

The Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) is advocating for the implementation of national electronic referral systems incorporating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools for medical imaging, to ensure that patients receive more timely access to imaging. Integrating CDS tools into clinical workflows across the country would help patients receive the most suitable test based on their symptoms. The goal of these systems is not only to help to reduce further backlogs for medical imaging but also provide support for referring practitioners in selecting the best imaging procedure for their patients.


New digital tool to help clinicians could save millions of pounds and facilitate faster diagnosis

iRefer CDS (Clinical Decision Support), is an innovative, cloud-based software tool that helps doctors, specifically, clinicians, request the most appropriate imaging investigation – such as MRI or CT. It provides up-to-date guidance on a range of clinical problems at the point of care and could save the NHS millions of pounds a year. 


iRefer CDS is currently being rolled out to 34 NHS Trusts in England with plans for more to follow. The rollout has been made possible as part of the £248m fund from the Department of Health and Social care to modernise diagnostics. 

July 2022

Special Report: Imaging

With investment being awarded to digitise diagnostics across the NHS in England, Jennifer Trueland explores what impact this will have on imaging.


Last November, the Government announced investment of £248million to help digitise diagnostics across the NHS in England using the latest technology.


Imaging was at the heart of it, with specific pledges on sharing scans across different settings, technology to improve the way that scans are requested, and moves to better enable them to be reported remotely.

March 2022

The Right Test at the Right Time: Striving to Implement CDS in Canada

While Canada comparatively lags in implementing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems into hospital workflows at a national level, the CAR is currently working with a handful of strategic partners like Choosing Wisely Canada on constructing guidelines to support their implementation in institutions across Canada. Even before our referrals program, CAR members have done the extra work to make referrals better. An example of this commitment to positive change is Dr. Steve Herman. The overall purpose of CDS implementation, Dr. Herman says, is to help physicians and patients make better, more informed decisions regarding medical imaging tests and treatment.

October 2021

MedCurrent’s Radiology Clinical Decision Support Solutions Now Available on Epic’s App Orchard

MedCurrent, a global leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solutions, today announced a new integration with Epic's EHR to provide clinicians with access to evidence-based guidelines at the point of care. Healthcare organizations can now find MedCurrent’s CDS solutions, OrderWise® and iRefer® CDS, in Epic’s App Orchard (, enabling high-quality care, operational efficiencies and compliance with the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Program as set out in the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA, 2014).

August 2021

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Launches Clinical Decision Support For Radiology Referrals

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (NNUH) NHS Foundation Trust has deployed the iRefer® CDS solution from MedCurrent, a global leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solutions, in order to provide primary and secondary care clinicians with real-time radiology referral guidelines integrated directly into their existing clinical workflows.

November 2020

MedCurrent Partners with Harris Healthcare to Provide Radiology Clinical Decision Support to Meet PAMA AUC Mandate

MedCurrent Corporation, a global leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solutions, today announced a partnership with Harris Healthcare, a leader in global digital health solutions. MedCurrent’s OrderWise® CDS software will be integrated into Harris Healthcare’s HARRIS Flex and OPUS EHR platforms to provide ordering providers with a seamless way to meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) mandate for advanced imaging.



October 2020

NYGH deploys clinical decision support for DI


TORONTO – To improve the ordering of diagnostic imaging exams, North York General Hospital has implemented one of Canada’s first “clinical decision support” systems that quickly shows referring physicians what the best options are for imaging their patients.

Milton Keynes University Hospital Launches Clinical Decision Support For Radiology Referrals


Milton Keynes University Hospital has deployed the iRefer® CDS solution from MedCurrent UK Ltd., a global leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software solutions, in order to provide primary and secondary care clinicians with seamless access to real-time radiology referral guidelines directly within their existing clinical workflow.


April 2020

Evident Partners With MedCurrent to Meet CMS Regulations and Improve Care Quality


Evident, a member of the CPSI (NASDAQ: CPSI) family of companies and a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) systems and services, and MedCurrent, a physician‑founded Clinical Decision Support (CDS) company, today announced a partnership to help meet the regulatory requirements put into effect January 1, 2020, through the Protecting Access To Medicare Act (PAMA).

December 2019

IDS Integrates with MedCurrent’s CDS for AUC Compliance


IDS, a leader in healthcare cloud information services, today announced a partnership with MedCurrent Corporation, a global leader in radiology clinical decision support (CDS) solutions. The seamless integration of MedCurrent’s OrderWise CDS solution into IDS’ AbbaDox® platform allows imaging centers to support their referring physicians in meeting the CMS Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) mandate for advanced imaging review, set to begin in January 2020.


November 2019

MedCurrent Partners with openDoctor to Enable Seamless Radiology Clinical Decision Support for Ordering Providers

MedCurrent Corporation, a global leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solutions, today announced a partnership with openDoctor, a leader in patient scheduling automation and referring provider engagement technology. As a result, MedCurrent’s OrderWise® CDS solution will be integrated into openDoctor’s physician engagement platform to give ordering providers a seamless way to meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) mandate for advanced imaging set to begin in January 2020.

July 2019

MedCurrent Announces Partnership with CMS Imaging Inc. to Distribute OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support Solution

MedCurrent Corporation, a leader in radiology clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, today announced a partnership with CMS Imaging Inc., a premier healthcare solutions provider based out of South Carolina specializing in the sales and service of diagnostic medical imaging equipment. This partnership will see CMS Imaging distribute MedCurrent's OrderWise® clinical decision support platform as part of its comprehensive catalogue of health informatics solutions.

MedCurrent’s iRefer Clinical Decision Support Solution Now Available Through UK G-Cloud 11 Framework


MedCurrent UK LTD, a global leader in Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software, is proud to announce that it has been accepted on the UK Crown Commercial Services (CCS) G-Cloud 11 Framework as a Cloud Software (Lot 2) supplier effective July 2, 2019. Being listed on the CCS Digital Marketplace, MedCurrent now offers its CDS solution, which leverages the Royal College of Radiologists’ (RCR) iRefer radiological investigation guidelines, as a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription offering to UK public service organizations.


MedCurrent OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support Selected by Emory Healthcare to Enable More Appropriate Care

MedCurrent Corporation, a global leader in clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, announces that Emory Healthcare, the largest and leading academic health system in Georgia, USA, has selected MedCurrent’s OrderWise® CDS system to ensure appropriate ordering of advanced medical imaging.


June 2019

ScriptSender Partners with MedCurrent to Enable Fast Clinical Decision Support Integration

ScriptSender, a leader in enabling secure, one-click communication between healthcare providers, today announced a partnership with MedCurrent Corporation, a leader in radiology Clinical Decision Support (CDS) technology. As a result, MedCurrent's OrderWise® CDS platform will be integrated into ScriptSender's full software suite so that physicians have a streamlined way to meet the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) mandates set down by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for advanced imaging.

December 2018


First UK pilot of pioneering radiology referral software kicks off at London hospital and local GP surgeries


An integrated clinical decision support (CDS) software package to improve imaging referrals and workflow is now being trialed in the UK. The new iRefer CDS package incorporates The Royal College of Radiologists’ (RCR) world-renowned iRefer radiology referral guidelines into a bespoke IT solution from Canadian CDS experts MedCurrent.   


April 2018


MedCurrent and CliniSys Enable Evidence-Based Diagnostic Requests Through Integration of OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support with Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE)


It is recognised that Clinicians with clinical decision support (CDS) available to them are 70% more likely to order the required diagnostic tests; 60% more likely to prescribe the correct medicines or other therapies; 60% more likely to monitor drug effects in line with evidence; and 40% times more likely to take appropriate preventative measures.


April 2018


CMS Qualifies MedCurrent OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (CDSM) for Appropriate Use of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging


MedCurrent, a global leader in innovative healthcare IT solutions, has received full qualification by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for its clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM), OrderWise®. Through this qualification, OrderWise® is recognized for establishing technology and processes to support healthcare providers improve the quality of patient care, manage costs and meet regulatory requirements for the appropriate use of advanced imaging.


February 2018


Sage HMS and MedCurrent Announce Partnership for Enhancing Diagnostic Imaging Recommendations


Sage Health Management Solutions, Inc., (Sage HMS) a healthcare information technology company focused on prescriptive and predictive analytics, and MedCurrent announced a new partnership where Sage HMS will license its CMS Priority Clinical Areas content to be integrated into the MedCurrent OrderWise® Clinical Decision Support (CDS) solution.


November 2017


Global Roll out of Enhanced Clinical Decision Support Package at RSNA2017 by MedCurrent and the Royal College of Radiologists


MedCurrent OrderWise™ uses renowned iRefer guidelines to make imaging referrals smarter, safer and more effective for patient care. Visit stand 4078 South Hall A to discover more and see a demo of OrderWise™ working with iRefer8.


November 2017


Intelerad announces partnership with MedCurrent


Montreal, Canada – November 7, 2017 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, today announced a partnership that will see MedCurrent's OrderWise™ clinical decision support platform (CDS) platform integrated into Intelerad's enhanced clinical portal, InteleConnect® EV. 


November 2017


MedCurrent Corporation Appoints John Adziovsky as Chief Executive Officer


John Adziovsky appointed as Chief Executive Officer of MedCurrent to continue driving strategic development and business growth of the clinical decision support company


October 2017

Proven Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria from Intermountain Healthcare to be Integrated into MedCurrent’s OrderWise™ Clinical Decision Support Mechanism


Intermountain Healthcare, through its Proven Imaging initiative is collaborating with MedCurrent to integrate its Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) into the OrderWise™ clinical decision support (CDS) platform to allow for access to imaging recommendations by leveraging Intermountain’s Clinical Programs and Care Process Models.


October 2017

iRefer radiology referral guidelines go live in OrderWise clinical decision support in New South Wales


The first international pilot of the world-renowned radiology referral guidelines iRefer in the innovative OrderWise™ clinical decision support (CDS) platform has been launched at Royal North Shore Hospital in New South Wales, Australia.  The pilot brings together the eighth edition of the Royal College of Radiologists’ guidelines and the MedCurrent OrderWise™ solution.


April 2017

Healthy Interactions Executes a 10-year Agreement with MedCurrent to Implement Clinical Decision Support Solutions to Manage Diabetes and Other Chronic Conditions


The Healthy Interactions Integrated CDS Platform connects into electronic health record (EHR) systems to seamlessly capture relevant patient data and provide real-time, evidence-based decision support to healthcare professionals. The CDS solution immediately informs the healthcare professional if the patient has a chronic condition, provides the diagnosis, and automatically develops recommendations based upon individual patient care plans and medical prescriptions.


March 2017

New Leadership: MedCurrent Corporation Appoints John Adziovsky as President


MedCurrent, a leading provider of clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of John Adziovsky as President of the company. Mr. Adziovsky is a well-known expert in the radiology industry, having held leadership positions at Radimetrics, Bayer Healthcare, Montage Healthcare Solutions, and most recently Nuance Communications.


“Joining MedCurrent at this time is tremendously exciting for me,” said Mr. Adziovsky. “The global clinical decision support market is rapidly growing and MedCurrent has proven itself to be a clear leader in technology, user experience, and improved outcomes. As healthcare undergoes a paradigm shift towards value-based care, I look forward to helping MedCurrent continue to accelerate its growth in an evolving marketplace.”


January 2017

ACC Cardiac Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria to be Integrated into MedCurrent's Clinical Decision Support Platform


MedCurrent Corporation is pleased to announce an agreement with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to provide the ACC Cardiac Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) to the marketplace to enhance the delivery of quality patient care and meet regulatory requirements.


"MedCurrent’s collaboration with the ACC will enable more appropriate, evidence-based care for patients with cardiac conditions," said Stephen Herman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MedCurrent Corporation. "Our team has been working closely with the ACC to integrate their AUC into MedCurrent’s clinical decision support mechanism (CDSM), OrderWise™, with a focus on workflow and clinical content structure that ensures the integrity and high-standards expected of the College. Our relationship with the ACC means leading healthcare providers will now have access to nationally recognized cardiac imaging recommendations delivered at the point of care.”


November 2016

The Royal College of Radiologists and MedCurrent Announce Pilots of iRefer in MedCurrent Clinical Decision Support System


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and MedCurrent have announced a series of pilots to incorporate the RCR’s renowned radiology referral guidelines iRefer into MedCurrent’s Clinical Decision Support System. The pilot projects in the UK and elsewhere aim to provide seamless, evidence-based guidance at the point of request for GP requesting systems and hospital systems when selecting the diagnostic imaging test for their patients. 

Following a successful proof of concept, the RCR determined that MedCurrent’s system had the ability to meet those aims.  In addition it provides a one-stop knowledge database supporting quality improvement.


August 2016

NCCN Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria to be Integrated into MedCurrent’s OrderWise Platform

FORT WASHINGTON, PA — The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is collaborating with MedCurrent to integrate the NCCN Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria (NCCN Imaging AUC™) into its clinical decision support (CDS) platform, OrderWise™, to allow for access to imaging recommendations as derived from the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®).


“Integration of NCCN Imaging AUC directly into the electronic health care workflow through OrderWise™ will benefit providers with point-of-care access to qualified, NCCN Guidelines-based imaging recommendations to assure quality care of patients with cancer,” said Robert W. Carlson, MD, Chief Executive Officer, NCCN.  “We welcome MedCurrent as an NCCN Health Information Technology (HIT) licensee and the opportunity to promote the standard of care set forth by expert NCCN Guidelines panels.”


July 2016

FedDev Ontario Supports Innovative Medical Imaging Technology


"Today, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs and Member of Parliament for Toronto–St. Paul's, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for FedDev Ontario, announced funding of up to $800,000 for MedCurrent Corporation... 

With this funding, MedCurrent Corporation will focus on furthering the development and marketing of its clinical decision support tool. Leveraging a patient's relevant clinical history and evidence-based guidelines, this technology reduces the provision of unnecessary medical testing by enabling health care providers to determine the most appropriate imaging procedure (such as MRIs, CT Scans or Ultrasounds) required for each patient. MedCurrent Corporation's solution will help improve the quality of patient care and reduces the costs associated with imaging overutilization."


June 2016 

Healthy Interactions and MedCurrent launch easy-to-use, end-to-end clinical decision support platform for real-time, automatic chronic care planning


"With a single keypad click, the provider sees the evidence-based care path and initiates the system-defined care plan including e-prescriptions, referrals to specialists, and initiation of education programs perfectly matched to the patient’s transition of care.   With another click, the patient is connected to the system’s digital health platform, allowing for engagement and interaction with a care coordinator, educator or coach as well as procurement of sensor-derived data such as blood pressure or weight.  The system also enables point-of-care scheduling for recommended tests and procedures."


November 2015

MedCurrent announces new tool to provide insight into the Operational and Financial Impact of using CMS-mandated Radiology Clinical Decision Support


"MedCurrent Impact is a unique tool that can be integrated with an organization’s electronic health record (EHR) system to evaluate baseline order appropriateness and optimality. Furthermore, the captured data is analyzed and presented through MedCurrent’s Analytics platform to illustrate modality volume shifts and interactive ROI calculations, enabling the organization to understand better the impact of implementing CDS on local operations and finances. The resulting data and knowledge will bolster relevant strategic planning initiatives and ensure a more customized enterprise-wide CDS implementation."


November 2015

MedCurrent Corporation unveils newest version of Clinical Decision Support solution for Medical Imaging at RSNA 2015


"The newest version of the company’s clinical decision support (CDS) system streamlines efficiency for radiology departments and imaging centers. Updated interfaces are designed to enhance workflow while also improving physician adoption and compliance.  MedCurrent CDS 3.0 provides significantly deeper data analytics functionality to measure the system’s effectiveness and drive improvement initiatives.  Its updated Authoring Studio greatly simplifies the process of customizing rules to meet local medical practice patterns." 


September 2014

OrderRight Radiology Decision Support Selected by Los Angeles County Department of Health Services


"MedCurrent’s OrderRight encompasses the workflow and clinical depth that best fits our system for today and tomorrow” said Rob Bart, M.D., LADHS Chief Medical Information Officer. “In particular, its seamless integration into our Cerner Millennium electronic medical record system will ensure that adoption by our providers will be accelerated. It’s fast and easy for ordering physicians and has powerful data base capabilities which we will need going forward. We made the decision to utilize clinical decision support in advance of a recently passed law that requires it to ensure quality care and to appropriately manage our costs,” noted Bart.

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