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Indication Smart Search

  • Smart search functionality adapts to local requesting trends and behavior over time.

  • Includes 3,000+ medical keywords and synonyms.

  • Access appropriate use criteria and clinical guidelines from multiple sources simultaneously.


Actionable Analytics

  • Real-time performance tracking, with comprehensive filters and drill-down capability.

  • KPI benchmarking to identify opportunities for improvement and clinician outliers.

  • Easy data export for custom reporting, data-mining and analysis.

Authoring Studio

Efficient Content Management

  • Visual algorithms to enable efficient management of clinical guidelines.

  • Customize guidelines to align with patient needs and local best practice.

  • Enables qualified provider-led entities to easily develop, modify or endorse AUC.

Intermountain Healthcare

"Intermountain Healthcare, through its Intermountain Imaging Criteria initiative is dedicated to the development, maintenance, and deployment of evidence-based standards for imaging in support of its mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. [...] The Intermountain Imaging Criteria guidelines are framed within a population health management model where evidence-based preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative standardized care processes are interwoven to form evidence-based care pathways across the continuum of care."

For more information, please visit Intermountain Imaging Criteria.

The Royal College of Radiologists

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) of the UK has been curating, refining, and producing their referral guidelines, iRefer, for over 25 years. Internationally recognized and sought after, iRefer presents over 300 evidenced guidelines supplemented by expert medical and radiological advice, guiding clinicians to the most appropriate imaging investigation(s) or intervention for any diagnostic or imaging problem.

For more information, please visit RCR Referral Guidelines.

American College of Cardiology

“The mission of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) is to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health.” Official ACC AUC ratings and decision algorithms have been developed for SPECT MPI, PET, stress echo, and CTA.

For more information, please visit ACC AUC Mandate Information.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria (NCCN Imaging AUC™) include information designed to support clinical decision-making around the use of imaging in patients with cancer and are based directly on the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®).

For more information, please visit NCCN Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria.

Harvard Medical School Library of Evidence

The HMS Library of Evidence (HLE) covers 100% of the priority clinical areas outlined by CMS in the MPFS Final Rule for CY 2017 and is an excellent resource for institutions seeking qualified provider-led entity status.

For more information, please visit the HMS Library of Evidence.

Healthy Interactions

Healthy Interactions have deployed over 200 innovative and impactful patient education programs covering 20 chronic conditions and 39 languages and cultures in 127 countries, and improved the lives of over 30 million people.

For more information, please visit Healthy Interactions.

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