For radiology chiefs, business executives and clinical effectiveness leaders, referring physicians are crucial to your  success. If clinical decision support is difficult and impairs their productivity, they will refer their patients elsewhere. MedCurrent CDS makes it easy for them.

How we make it easy

You need usable data to help individuals, clinics and other organizations understand ordering patterns and behaviors so that they can  improve them.  See how easy and flexible our analytics have been created to help you improve appropriate ordering while maintaining relationships.

How analytics easily deliver

To meet the CMS requirement, strategic CIOs will identify the need to select technology that will support a culture of appropriateness decision utilization as CDS regulatory requirements develop into other types of ordering. We created our platform and software to fulfill that need.

Balancing regulatory requirements, reimbursements and quality care is the goal of every CEO. MedCurrent CDS provides the tools to not only meet requirements, but to also ensure, track and manage ordering appropriateness for multiple ordering needs. All that in a physician-friendly way.

See how friendly it is.